miss_teerious version 2

Project Details:
  • Version 2 of my personal blog.
    (Details of previous version HERE)
  • Hosted on Blogger.
  • Completely new custom template.
  • New template applied in June 2012.
  • Link: http://mysterious-kaddu.blogspot.com/
  • Status: Complete & functional.

Key Responsibilities
  • Graphics Design
  • Header Design
  • Template Design
  • Content Layout
  • Creative Writing
  • Content Sharing via Social Media
  • Community Building

Additional Blogger Hacks Implemented:

  • New look for Drop-down Menu Bar using CSS
    (includes Posts & Pages, with Tool-Tips)
  • Custom Subscription Section in Header
  • New look for Summary Posts on Index & Archive Pages
    (reduced loading time with more CSS in place of images)
  • Sidebar moved to the Right
  • New look for Sidebar Elements using CSS
  • Personalized Contact-options Display in Sidebar
  • Equal Height Columns
  • Added the Twitter, G+ and PinIt Share Buttons
    (at the top & bottom of Post Pages & Static Pages)
  • Completely New Post-end Call-to-action section
    (including Email Subscription & Follow options)
  • Post titles in place of "Older/Newer Post", in post pages.
  • Author Comments Highlight with Image
  • New Graphics for the Blog Footer section
  • Dedicated Static Page for Live Twitter Feed

On-site SEO:
  • Created new Static Pages cross-linking to a lot of other pages (individual Post Pages & Search Pages) in order to give more visibility to the archived posts.
  • Modified the existing labels (filing system) for improved content accessibility.

Writer, editor and web-solutions provider from India, specializing in cost-effective SEO-based web-content writing, front-end design, blog design & setup, social media & email branding, and visual storytelling through photo collages, photo books, posters & custom greeting cards.


Robert Frost once said - "Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't".

If you are one of these people, I can be your voice.

Your ideas, your feelings, your vision... expressed through my words, my visual stories, my technical expertise.

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+91 9828417643
Jaipur, INDIA